Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Downloadable Audiobooks

This is a great resource for those customers who may not have transportation to a library.
I did not realize that there were so many formats that were downloadable. I especially like the breakdown of subject headings and the different links for "New" titles and the "Recent" additions. For anyone that has the Internet, this would be a great tool to use if in need of a title last minute. I realize that some would have holds on them, but that could happen on an actual hard copy as well. It is good that the Digital Rights is listed on each title so that a customer would not be in jeopardy of prosecution; that is the most important part of the listing.
I personally prefer mysteries and biographies and I did see several titles that I might be interested in downloading. This new service for our customers is truly one of the best we could offer.

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  1. Congratulations on completing all the things Sharon! I just blogged about the new mini computers that probably can download movies, music, and books rather easily from our library system. No more driving when you can carry it all in your hands! Who'd have thunk?