Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Downloadable Audiobooks

This is a great resource for those customers who may not have transportation to a library.
I did not realize that there were so many formats that were downloadable. I especially like the breakdown of subject headings and the different links for "New" titles and the "Recent" additions. For anyone that has the Internet, this would be a great tool to use if in need of a title last minute. I realize that some would have holds on them, but that could happen on an actual hard copy as well. It is good that the Digital Rights is listed on each title so that a customer would not be in jeopardy of prosecution; that is the most important part of the listing.
I personally prefer mysteries and biographies and I did see several titles that I might be interested in downloading. This new service for our customers is truly one of the best we could offer.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


A "podcast" is quite an innovation. I didn't realize what podcasting was all about. Also, I didn't realize that 'pod" stands for "Personal on Demand". This is a great way to keep up with current events on any topic. I chose the LibVibe feed for this is a good way to keep up with current events and keep check of headline news from the library world.
This would be an excellent source for most any position in the library I would think. There were several subjects that I may research even further myself. But, first I need to have my PC fixed at home!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

YouTube experience


This was fun watching the videos...It's neat to look at all the different types of videos available to view. I don't recommend playing library dominoes though.
I chose this one because I own a beagle and I thought it was fascinating to see this exactly as she is. They are very sweet dogs as I remembered from having one while growing up.
This would be a nice way to advertise "our library" to the world as our library is one of the best in the country!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Web Awards

Wow! What a list of websites that I never thought existed. In fact most of these I have never heard of before. I did manage to explore a few that sounded interesting and indeed they were. I certainly liked the different subject listings and the fact that there were several award winning websites to explore on each. I do think that a majority of the subjects would be very useful in a library setting; especially in the Reference department.

Web Based Apps.

I have had the advantage of someone using Google Docs to email me in the past. It is quite fascinating that an email can be sent directly from the Web. I like the fact that you can share your document with whomever you choose to share. That in itself makes this very attractive.
I may in the future use this rather than an email; for attachments especially.

Monday, April 6, 2009

More Wiki...

This was fun to share a few of my favorites with everyone! It was different to be anonymous though.

Wiki Works!

I did find that the wiki is an interesting way to share knowledge of what goes on in the library.
This tool is very useful in that you can collect information about all topics and that it is accessible by anyone and that you can add or edit any of the information. The BookLovers Wiki is great and would be very useful for someone who was looking for a good book on a particular subject.
Although not everyone would have the same review neccessarily, but at least the user would have a particular title in mind when pursuing a book on this subject. The wiki would be very useful for our library and other libraries. The editing part is good in case of typos, or even changed information as this would be the case of certain dates and times for events/conferences.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Library and Web 2.0

This was very interesting to me in that there are just so many new things out there that can be accessible from libraries. Digital collections of journals, books, blogs, podcasts, to name a few would make the library even more user friendly. I am aware that we currently have a collection of E-books and we have the Downloadable Audiobooks available and that is a general first step towards the changing world of technology. I was very impressed to read the article about the rural school district library and the services they had to offer. To coin the phrase mentioned in the article "Small Libraries need to think big", is exactly what they have accomplished.
No doubt, our public library is one of the best in the country and I am sure that we will continue to keep up with the trends of technology and continue the excellent services that we offer to everyone!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Technorati is not that great....

By looking at the Technorati website, I didn't see anything real interesting to look at. In fact, it was probably a site that I would not like to use very often. I found some of the blogs to be "strange" and downright "rude" in some cases...I never did understand why one would want to post something like that for the whole world to see. I did enjoy looking at some of the book and movie reviews though...

Monday, March 16, 2009


This is fascinating that these sites are so accessible now. I enjoyed looking through some of my bookmarks; in fact I didn't realize I even had some of these in my favorites. I did find one interesting to add that will be very beneficial to me. Best thing about this is that I don't think I will forget the name of this website either!


This step (#12) was fairly easy for me...I chose Weather News; I guess because there are so many changes in Oklahoma. I thought it would be nice to create also if I plan to take a trip somewhere. The Weather Channel is definitely the best source for this!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Library Thing

I did enjoy doing this! It is great to be able to create a catalog of your own personal library.
My selections were history and sports related items for I am a fan of both...especially North Carolina basketball!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thing number 10....

OMG...This one was worse than #8...I could not find anything that would go directly to my Blog.
Be prepared to spend more than the 15-20 minutes estimated if you have not done this yet!

Catch the Wave!

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RSS Feeds are easy?

I had a bit of a problem with #9 in this group. For some reason the RSS Feeds I chose kept going to my Favorites rather than Bloglines. In fact the only choices that came up in most cases were Yahoo, Google, of Windows Live. I finally did find Bloglines as an option after searching several places. This indeed was not operator error this time!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

RSS Feeds

Wow! Talk about up to date information...It's amazing how you can get information up to the minute with these. I subscribed to the following feeds, and then some; about various subjects of interest. What a quick way to get information on the spot. You may choose to subscribe to these also!

AboutDogs.info - Learn and understand your dogs (0) (0)
Bloglines News (10) (0)
CNN.com (0) (0)
Dictionary.com Word of the Day (0) (0)
DogReader (0) (0)
iTunes Top 25 Songs (0) (0)
National Geographic News: Animals & Nature (10) (0)
NYT Book Review (0) (0)
Tulsa City County Library - DVDs Coming Soon to TCCL (1) (0)
Tulsa City County Library - Prepub Bestsellers (1)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Technology-Friend or Foe???

About Technology...I am sure that there is something to be said about technology, but I surely am having a problem getting the hang of some things. I know that new technology is great, but it takes a "technology" oriented person to learn it. My kids even know more about it than me!
I think I know what an Ipod is now and I think a bluetooth is one of those gizmos that attaches to your ear??? Of course learning to "Blog" is becoming a bit more easier for me as I go along. I have a long way to go to learn it all, but I will eventually catch up, I think!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring Pix

Oh, do I have Spring fever now! With all the teasers in the 60's and 70's as of late, surely we will have an early Spring.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Having Fun

Okay, it's time to have fun...but what to write about? I am just beginning with this so the only thing I can think of right now is "Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Glad it's actually on Saturday this year.

7 1/2/ Habits....

Well, I finally have a blog set-up! This is in part to one of the names listed on my learning contract...Hmm now what. Okay, I know how to read instructions, I just need to apply them now.

My easiest of the 7 1/2 Habits is number 7, Teach/mentor others. I suppose this comes from being a parent and having the desire to help people. I suppose this is a good thing except for when no help is wanted.

My hardest of the 7 1/2 Habits is a toss up between numbers 6 and 7 1/2. I have access to all sorts of technology but do not take the time to just "play" with it. Shame on me!